Thursday, 31 October 2013

Question: The Book First or The Movie First?

movie-imageHello everyone. I want to ask you guys a question that I've been thinking about recently. This question can be applied to any movie that is based on a book, but I'm applying it to The Hobbit in this case since this is a blog about The Hobbit. The question is are you choosing to watch all of The Hobbit movies before reading the Tolkien novel or are you choosing to read The Hobbit before watching Peter Jackson's films?

My own personal choice is to watch the films before reading the book. The reason for this is because I've always preferred watching movies to reading books. I find movies to be much more visceral and real than books are. Moreover, I don't want to spoil the plot for myself by reading the book first because then I'll know what happens in the films and it will lessen the movie experience for me. I know that you can argue it the other way as well and say that watching the movie will spoil the book. But as I said, I generally prefer movies to books which is why I'm doing it this way. I mean no offense to those who think the opposite, this is just my own perspective. Also, I have to include the fact that I just went to see the first Hobbit movie without even thinking about this issue, so I was kind of forced into watching the films first. But, I'm still not going to read the book before I see the following two films for the reasons I mentioned above.

book-imageHow about you? Do you prefer books to movies and, if so, are you choosing (or have you already chosen) to read The Hobbit before watching The Hobbit? Let me know in the comments because I'm interested in hearing the thoughts of other Hobbit fans on this.

Also, I want to wish a happy birthday to Peter Jackson. I know it's November 1 in New Zealand, but it's October 31 here in Canada so I think I can still say it.

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