Monday, 24 February 2014

This Hobbit hole is just the right fit

hobbit-hole-artTours of a small Dunedin "hobbit hole" are growing in popularity.

Richard and Myra Wells, of Abbotsford, have opened to the public their 2.5m-long, 1.5m-high and 0.8m-deep hobbit hole that lies beneath a large Scotch elm.

The snug space called "Hobbitsford" has a working brick fire inside and a living grass roof.

Mr. Wells said he and his wife were both members of the Dunedin Open Gardens Association and by-appointment groups to view "Hobbitsford" and the surrounding Elm Tree Garden were getting bigger each tour.

"I'm surprised how many people come through."

About 20 people visited last Thursday, and next Monday twice as many people were booked for a look, he said.

Mr. Wells said the positive comments justified the couple's work.

"It makes you feel pretty good when you get a tour through and you hear the comments - it makes it worthwhile."

The couple's granddaughter Lauren Isaac (11) - one of the couple's 18 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren - compered the tours.

"She's better at it than me," Mr. Wells said, laughing.

Tours can be booked on the website under Elm Tree Garden.

The garden also includes a Boot Hill cemetery with humorous gravestones and the working chicken shed, "Cluckingham Palace".


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